How to Buy the Right Clothes at a Great Price

How to Buy the Right Clothes at a Great Price

Margaret Schneider, owner of Louisville consignment shop Margaret’s Fine Consignments, won’t settle for mediocrity. “If I set out to do something, it is going to be the best I can do or I won’t do it,” she says. Margaret, who came from humble beginnings, says being raised in a family of 12 kids fueled her ambition as a business woman. 

Now, 29 years later, Margaret’s Fine Consignments has become a fixture in Louisville’s Clifton Heights neighborhood. Margaret and co-owner Cara Aldridge have set high standards for their business which starts with enhancing a customer’s shopping experience. 

Providing affordable high quality merchandise is paramount for Margaret and Cara. Customers can browse through 8 rooms of gently used clothing including vintage pieces from Armani, St. John, and Chanel. And if you’ve been feening for a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes but thought you couldn’t afford them, you’re in luck. The store sells designer shoes, purses, and jewelry for any occasion. “I try to pick merchandise I would wear,” Margaret says. 

Margaret and Cara, who provide clothing for multiple fashion shows annually, enjoy helping customers determine what types of clothes work best for them. “We give them a lot of guidance about what to wear, and we’re always honest with our clients about the way the clothing looks on them,” Margaret says. Not updating your wardrobe, she says, is one of the biggest mistakes someone can make. For women who are struggling with finding the right type of clothes, Margaret and Cara offer these simple tips:

  • Make sure you have the essential items — “You should have a nice dress, a nice handbag, and a nice pair of shoes that look like they are new. You want to have a clean, stylish, classic look. Go light on the jewelry for your work wardrobe.”
  • Be imaginative with your wardrobe — “Stay away from khaki, sweat shirts, tennis shoes, and old blue jeans with baggy legs. Instead, wear something that is different and fun.”
  • Be a mindful shopper — “[When shopping], try everything on. You need to make sure you feel good in your clothing before you take it home.”
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