Meet Our Team




I am the proud owner of Margaret’s Consignment and Collectibles, which I opened in 1991.  Our store has expanded over the years bringing high value merchandise at affordable costs to women and men shoppers.   What I am most proud of is the contribution Margaret’s makes to our community.  Our employees volunteer in reaching out to Hosparus and Clifton Hill Ministries to help those less fortunate.

Personally, I love presenting myself in fashion forward looks, while enjoying the company of friends and clients.  As the number one Ambassador of Margaret’s I want to offer our store’s part in an on-going relationship that makes shopping at Margaret’s an experience to be shared with friends.



Business manager

I am extremely proud and happy to be the Manager of Margaret’s.  Having moved to Louisville 5 years ago from Canada, I love this community.  You will find me to be an energetic, customer focused stylist who is fashion savvy and can help anyone put together the perfect outfit.  Drop by and say hello, you
won’t be disappointed.  We at Margaret’s are always willing to improve the customer experience.

Donna sales


Sales associate

I have 25 years experience in the sales. I look forward in seeing my regular customer’s and especially finding that perfect outfit. They’re smiling faces makes my day.


Mary Sue

Payout Office Administrator

Mary Sue has been with Margaret for over 18 years. She is one of our permanent fixture in our payout office. I enjoy working at a small respectful business.


Backroom lady

Trudy has been at Margaret’s 4.5 years, Trudy enjoys our customers and interacting with all. People ask for Trudy, well liked individual.



Sales associate

 Sales associate at Margaret’s over 18 years. Betty works Tuesday’s and Thursday and she has a following. Many client’s ask for Betty.



Sales associate

When I came to Margaret’s I had been out of the business world for about ten years. Working at Margaret’s has reacquainted me with style & fashion. I have learned from the best, Margaret, and I love working in sales with customer’s and consignor’s alike.



Sales associate

Rita has been in sale for 20 years at Margaret’s. Rita has a flare for doing the displays throughout the store. Margaret and I went to high school together we’ve been friends for 50 years.



Sales associate

Has worked at Margaret’s for ten years, you’ll find Beverly in the men’s department and housewares. I enjoy helping our customer’s, and especially meeting new one’s.
Margaret is a jewel and her store reflects that.

Danna Admin



I enjoy my position as Administrative Manager. Each day brings new and different challenges, making life most worthwhile. I am proud to be associated with Margaret’s.



Backroom lady

“Go Getter” Spent most of my 20’s travelling throughout the world. Family is very important to me and I’m proud to be living in Kentucky. Working at Margaret’s is special, it’s a family atmosphere and everyone feels that when they walk through the doors.



Backroom lady

 Has worked at Margaret’s for over a year, enjoy’s working with helping our consigner’s receiving of clothing and household goods. Wonderful mother to three small dogs. Just celebrated 20 years of marriage.



Backroom lady

New team member at Margaret’s. I enjoy working with the ladies here at Margaret’s. I’m happy to assist our Chinese customer’s as Mandrin is my first language.